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Cash on Delivery - Update

We come bearing sad news. We will no longer accept COD payments for the time being due to a myriad of reasons.
First off, we account for 90% of daily orders as COD, which makes this decision a lot harder. 
Furthermore, there are a lot of repeat customers who prefer COD. to them, I'd like to apologize for taking this action.
Reasons for removing COD:
  • It is more expensive to ship a COD order compared to a prepaid order.
  • COD does not have guaranteed delivery. There is always a fear of the order being returned to us due to various reasons such as; Customer not available, Incorrect Address, Customer Refused. In some cases, delivery agents put up these fake remarks without contacting the customer.
  • Having COD helps bad actors to spam fake orders. 
  • It takes upwards of 2 - 3 weeks to receive the COD amount. Once a COD order is delivered, we don't receive the amount the same day. It takes 2 - 3 weeks, which severely hurts our cash flow.
  • Similarly, it is expensive to process an exchange or a refund for COD orders compared to prepaid orders.
  • 35% of COD orders are not delivered due to the 2nd reason mentioned. That's 3.5 out of 10 orders. In those 10 orders, 2 - 3 orders more are either not 'COD approved', cancelled or incomplete address. In total, only 4 orders are delivered out of 10 :(
  • Once delivery fails, it takes 8 - 12 days for the clothing article to be returned to our warehouse, which causes inventory management issues.
Converting to prepaid only, most of these issues will be fixed and it will help us to provide faster shipping and delivery, better after-sales support and scaling the business as a whole.
Finally, we'd like to provide some insights which hopefully give you confidence to shop with us without a worry.
  • 4+ years in business (GSTN: 36GWFPK7388E1Z1)
  • 25000+ orders shipped.
  • 1000s of exchanges and refunds processed.
  • No BS when processing a return or exchange. We don't have any return charges. You paid 799/-, You get 799/- refund. period.
  • Our return process is similar to Amazon or H&M. A pickup agent will come to your house and collect the item and then we will issue a full refund the same day or ship an exchange order in 2 - 4 business days.
If you have any concerns, please do reach out at or to my personal email: or Instagram @midnightlaw.
Hope y'all will continue to support us! 
- Midnight LAW

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