About Us


This is our 'About us' page. Rarely do mortal souls venture into this page, so you're special.   

So a bit about us:

Midnight LAW & Midnight LAW Clothing (Midnight LAW Inc.) is a maximal clothing brand started in 2018. The brand is influenced by vintage/retro aesthetic designs, visual arts, punk, early space age and other artistic and mainstream counter cultures of the past.


Our approach has always been loud and maximal graphic designs on apparel. What makes us unique is majority of the designs are made by us from scratch and are taken from public domain resources.

Since the 50's, Each decade had a myriad of cultural changes in terms of fashion and life in general. Be it the psychedelics and spirituality filled hippie culture from California to the 80's neon lit cities, space-y synthesizers and early computer graphics. We take it in all these creative and visual arts as an inspiration and create designs based on them.

sometime early 2010's, Minimal / Athleisure came into the scene and it sort of put a stop to wild loud apparel and move on to more plain, simple and bold style. It was everywhere and formed it's own culture. From big brands changing their logos to more minimal style to clothes being plain *boring*. We noticed this sometime in 2017 and decided to bring back the old school loud creative style.  


What do now?

Well, As cliché as it may sound, It's just the beginning. We will stick to our maximal roots and continue to diversify our range of products and expand our reach globally.

And last but not least, Thank YOU.

If you need help with anything or require additional information, please feel free to contact us at support@midnightlaw.com or DM us on instagram @midnightlaw 

Cheers everyone!


Address : 1-7-19/A/1, JSN Colony Lane no 1, Street no 8, Habsiguda